August Meeting

August 11, 2017

1. Attendance: Tardy is not permitted. Employees must notify supervisors in advance of
the anticipated absence. Employees are not allowed to put the name on calendar before
supervisors approve their absence. This enables your supervisor to reassign your work
and maintain standards of service. All employees expected to meet attendance standards
and a pre-determined weekly schedule to provide a consistent level of service for the
 An employee is deemed to be tardy when fails to report for work at the scheduled
work time. In these instances, formal verbal warnings will be given twice. Action
will be taken at the third verbal warning. A reduce of wage will appear in the next
pay check. Leaves work prior to the end of scheduled work time without prior
supervisory approval are not permitted.
 Tardy: Failure to report to an employee’s assigned work area and be prepared to
start work at the scheduled start time.
 Unscheduled Absence: Failure to report to work on a scheduled workday or
working less than half of a scheduled workday due to tardiness or leaving early
without approved time off request.
 Unscheduled Early Departure: Failure to work a complete workday due to an
early departure without an approved time off request.
 No call, no show: An unscheduled absence without proper notification to the

2. Dress Code: All employees at the front desk are mandatory to wear uniforms to maintain
a professional, well-groomed appearance at work, clothing and grooming of all personnel
should contribute to a positive impression of the office while maintaining
professionalism. Employees are not permitted to wear exposed tops and bottoms.
3. Daily Duty for Front Desk & Back Office: Please always stay in your work position
during working hours.
 Employees are not allowed to have breakfast at the front desk.
 Employees are mandatory to do at least 10 cancel folders each day. Please hand in
the 10 folders to supervisor after finish. This responsibility is subject to change by
the work flow of the day.
 There must be a greeting at once when patients arrive the office. Please do not
play the phone and ignore patients.
 Receptionists must remind and confirm patients for the next day appointment.
 Please ask patients for medical history. Especially X-ray and CT. If the referral
indications are different than patient’s request, please contact the referral doctor to
clarify. After clarification, please note the informer’s name.

 Pre-Authorization: Please prepare the PA request folders to the request organizer
include date request and referral. Fill out the request from for future reference.

4. To schedule appointments:
 When we schedule a mammogram appointment, we must ask patients for the
exam history. If patients had ever done this exam, we must know when was the
exam done before. When we schedule a mammogram appointment, there must be
a breast ultrasound appointment schedule after the mammogram. If the time is not
available, please inform patients she may or may not return for breast ultrasound.
 When patients present in the clinic to schedule appointments, we must collect the
referral and upload to MDLand.
 Breast FNA is not allowed on Tuesday and Thursday. Appointment on Tuesday
and Thursday must be continuous. There should be no gap in between. Breast
FNA only allowed on weekend.
 Please only follow Specialist payment amount for co-pay.
5. The right protocol for FNA slides request:
a) Get the patient information and enter the request date in MDLand.
b) Fill out Pathology Slides Request form. Fill out Patient Name, DOB, Phone #,
Exam, Chart Number=Patient ID, Exam Data.
c) Leave the form to Carol and Carol will get in touch with Jay.
d) Make sure the slides request form, record of loan form and laboratory request
form are scanned in to MDLand. We do not keep the document anymore.

6. Insurance:
 To check eligibility, please pay attention on effective day and termination day.
For commercial insurance co-payment, please check on Specialist.
 We DO NOT accept HF Senior Health Partners.
 Affinity are not allowed for H. Pylori and Bone Dexa
 Fidelis are not allowed for H. Pylori. Fidelis only allows patient over 50 years old
to do Dexa.
 There must be a Pre-Authorization approval for HealthPlus in all venous
 Oxford AARP DO NOT collect co-pay.
 Patients with Medicare joint third-party insurance, we must collect Medicaid

Right Data: Wrong Data:
1 st Insurance is Fidelis
ID: 740128xxxxx

1 st Insurance: Fidelis
ID: 740128xxxxx

2 nd Insurance is Medicaid
ID: AB12345C

2 nd Insurance: Medicare
SS: 000-00- 1234
7. Office 816 Cleaning: Please pay attention to the following details.
 Each staff is scheduled for cleaning each day includes front stairs and pantry. The
staff who is scheduled for the day also collect the bathroom garbage and collect
all the garbage after everyone prepares the garbage to the front. Please check
cleaning calendar.
 Technicians respond the cleaning of their rooms including garbage and cleaning;
Front desks respond to the front desk garbage and front office cleaning; Billings
collect the pantry garbage and their table spot; IT and Marketing respond to the
reading room cleaning and garbage. Please get your part of garbage ready by 5PM
each day.
 Ken will not schedule for cleaning any day but he will clean the whole office on
each Friday by himself to sweep and mop. At the main time, the schedule staff
and each staff still respond to their assigned cleanings.

8. Office 825 Cleaning:
 Each staff is scheduled to sweep and collect garbage.
 Each staff takes turn to do paper shredding each month.
9. Please be patient to the complainants. No matter how busy we are, customer service
should always be calm and kind. Please accommodate the best service for all
10. The last but not least, whenever you have time, please do cancel folder.

This policy sets the guidelines for office benefits and policies. This memorandum is not a
contract. Within this context, the policies have been established as an overall structure within
which we may work and interact in an enjoyable and productive manner.
Above memorandums are subject to change. Your work performances are direct impact your
annual bonus. If you have any question, please do not hesitate to contact your managers.

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